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Behavioral Coaching
Not every person needs to meet regularly with a therapist to affect the behavior changes needed to reach their goals, and meeting in a therapist's office is not always the ideal setting to make such behavior changes. 
The Aspyre coaches are recent college graduates who have been trained to provide hands-on guidance and support to our clients outside of the office. Coaches are given specific assignments by a client's psychologist, designed to help the client achieve their goals. Coaches may meet with their clients at the client's home, in school or in other settings in which the client needs assistance. Coaches may model and help with the development of organizational skills, study skills, time management, social skills, managing electronics, etc. 
Together at the Top
Learning Management Coaching

Many of the students who contact Aspyre are struggling with their academics, and these struggles have nothing to do with a lack of intelligence and motivation. Rather they lack specific skills and strategies needed for academic success. This includes individuals who have been diagnosed with attention problems (ADD/ADHD). Aspyre's coaches provide clients with help in developing their skills in the following areas:

  • Time management: developing an awareness of time, deadlines, planning, etc. 

  • Organizational skills: developing strategies to organize study materials and study spaces.

  • Classroom behavior skills: learning to use class time effectively, managing relations with instructors, obtaining assistance in school, etc. 

  • Study skills: developing strategies to master different subjects, improve concentration, mastery, and memory, 

  • Note-taking skills: learn to take effective notes in and out of class.

  • Test-taking skills: develop specific strategies to prepare for and take different types of examinations.

  • Critical thinking skills: develop strategies to more effectively engage with subjects, think about them in more depth and with more sophisticated levels of understanding. 

College Coaching

Many of the students and families who come to Aspyre are in the process of preparing for or actually applying to college. This is one of the most important decisions that any young person will make. Where one attends college will determine one's professional and personal trajectory and success. There are over 5,000 colleges and universities in the US. California alone is home to 112 community colleges, 23 Cal State Universities, 10 University of California campuses, and over 300 private colleges and universities. 

The choice of which college or university to attend is a major challenge and should be based on an analysis of a student's academic strengths and weaknesses, their aptitudes and interests, their comfort with different size schools and communities. And no college or university is alike; they vary in size, location, the quality of their academic programs, student services, career services, social life, athletics, etc. Finding the right fit will ensure that a student is happy and successful in their college career. A successful college search is the result of a careful self-analysis and research about schools. Aspyre's college coaches help students understand and teach them and their families how to successfully navigate this challenge. 

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