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Cognitive Assessments

Aspyre now offers psychological tests to objectively measure, monitor, and manage core areas of cognition using the Cambridge Brain Sciences platform - CBS Health.

We are committed to improving cognitive health, which is why we have partnered with Cambridge Brain Science - CBS Health to offer cognitive performance assessments to measure how a person’s brain is doing over time. Assessments include a quick, fun series of tasks that objectively measure your memory, reasoning, verbal ability, and attention—all facets of cognition that are important in your everyday life.

Mental health is intrinsically linked to aspects of cognitive functioning and is key to the quality of life. Monitoring brain health using our cognitive assessment tool can help you understand how these functions impact your daily life and how your therapy is improving your life.

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Benefits of Monitoring Cognitive Function

At Aspyre, we look at cognitive functioning as an important diagnostic indicator and as a metric for monitoring improvement and evaluating treatment success. If you choose to purchase our cognitive assessment package, over the course of your treatment, regular assessment will provide you and us with valuable information that will help to adjust your treatment plan. You will be able to monitor your improvements and compare them with your life experiences.  You're an integral part of your therapy and this tool will help you better manage your care.

How it works

Using a tablet, desktop, or laptop computer (from the comfort of your own home), you'll take a series of quick, fun and engaging tasks the have been validated to measure your memory, concentration, reasoning and verbal abilities-all core areas of cognitive function that may be affected by a mental health condition and may improve with therapy.





Can you spot the "odd one out"?

This task measures your

deductive reasoning ability.


How will my results be used?

Results for each task will indicate where you stand relative to others in your age group. Over time, and as you progress through treatment, you'll begin to see performance trends so that you can objectively evaluate how therapy is helping you. Your therapist will use this information to ensue they target the right areas during treatment, and then re-assess these periodically to measure progress

What to Expect 

The CBS Brain Health Assessment can be completed on a laptop, desktop or tablet computer, using any of the most popular web browsers. As for the test itself, here's what to expect: 

Once you request your assessment, you will receive a link to the test via email allowing you to complete the assessment from the comfort of your own home.

The tests will be chosen by your therapist and will be selected to assess the cognitive functions that your therapist determines are relevant to your situation and treatment goals. You may take as many as a dozen different tests that are designed to be engaging and interactive.


In preparation for taking the cognitive tests,  

  • Remove distractions - Give your full attention to the tasks by making sure your surroundings are calm and quiet.

  • Be consistent - If you plan on taking the assessment at regular intervals, do so from the same environment each time. 

  • Get familiar with the tasks before taking them on - Interactive tutorials will help you understand what is expected of you prior to each test. You can review the tutorial as many times as you like.

  • Get comfortable - Make sure you are comfortable. Adjust your chair, make sure your device is charged and that you have good lighting.

The CBS Health tasks have been validated by decades of scientific research, and are proven to measure the most important aspects of cognition. Performance is directly linked with the areas of your brain that are active when you’re at your sharpest. But more importantly, the tasks are fun, and only take a few minutes each to complete. 

Email us to schedule your assessment today

Quarterly Subscription


4 Assessments

  • 1 baseline assessment

  • 3 follow-up assessments

4 detailed reports, from Cambridge Brain Science. 

Each assessment is $100.00 and the client will be charged on the date the assessment is scheduled

Bi-Annual Subscription


2 Assessments

  • 1 baseline assessment

  • 1 follow-up assessment

2 detailed reports, from Cambridge Brain Science. 

Each assessment is $125.00 and the client will be charged on the date the assessment is scheduled

Individual Subscription



  • 1 baseline assessment


1 detailed reports, from Cambridge Brain Science. 

Each assessment is $150.00 and the client will be charged on the date the assessment is scheduled

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